b. 1986, HK.

Aquarious (BC1).jpg


Kristina Kapeljuh

Multicultural background (born in Ukraine, live in Hungary, studied in Scotland and Switzerland) and external projects in Europe has contributed to my unique approach to visual communication. My style is an unusual hybrid that connects organic and highly detailed line work and bold digital coloring. My illustration is thus enriched with symbolism, fluidity, and exploration of the human figure juxtaposed with surreal landscapes. My interest is focused on time and the human being’s figure. This is reflected through my image making in embracing elaborate processes and changes of scale in the work. I am fascinated by the intensity and pattern of form and how I can use these in diverse contexts while still exploring core ideas about metaphysics and the relationship of matter and time. I like to fluctuate between traditional and digital medium and embrace the organic fluidity in the image making.

CV available upon request.